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Suit Essential is a NEW Social Enterprise (based in Wrexham, North Wales) with the sole drive of "Getting People Back Into Work".

When it comes to a job interview, research shows that it takes a potential employer just ‘nine seconds’ to make up their mind about a job applicant. For many people living on benefits, being out of work for some time, or even living on the streets, being in a financial position to buy a suit in order to 'Get That Life-Changing Job' just isn't possible!

We want to put a suit on the back of every man or women (no matter their background) who needs one! We want EVEYRONE who has an ambition to change their current position, to have the best opportunity to make a good first impression and get their lives moving forward in the way they want.

Unfortunately we live in an 'image based world', and we know all too well that the right person for the Job will not always get that Job (if they do not appear as though they deserve the Job), that is the dilema many face in this world, and it is one that we hope to change!

We currently operate our business by purchasing second hand suits via Charity Organisations and Recycling centers and are now in the process of setting up our own Collection Banks.

With the suits we buy, we currently supply 1 in 10 to the unemployed (we hope to make this more as we grow), the other suits we trade on eBay and through our own website. The money we make trading suits we put into providing personal development workshops, focusing on career path guidance, image/presentation, interview skills, confidence building and coaching, CV presentations and more...

We are not a charity and fund this whole Social Endevour through the money and time we personally put in.

If we were able to directly receive donated suits that would do ALOT of good for everyone! It would take a lot of financial/ time pressure from the sourcing side of our business, allowing us to invest more in the productive side.

What alot of people don't know is - 80% of ALL suits which are donated to charity shops do not sell in that charity shop! - They end up going to the 'Rag Man' or on to recycling centers...we then have to go out and source those suits, buy them, and finally give them to the people who would have benefited from them most in the first place!

If you are able to make a donation of a suit which no longer fits, is in your opinion "a little tired", or is no longer the style you like then please get in touch with us at - donations@suitessential.com

Here's to a better future for all that want one...

Adam Firminger & John Crayford
Co-Founders: SuitEssential.com

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